The world’s largest online sale platforms have prepared many offers to anticipate Christmas sales and attract more customers to their online stores.

And what have you planned for your online store ?

It is very important to sell more on the internet to have a planned calendar of all the dates of great sales and of the special dates to always have offers, discounts and special products that attract the User attention.

This morning has started the Single Day , the Single Day , a festival of Chinese origin that is celebrated every November 11, but that more and more strength is gained worldwide. It is a good date to start the Christmas campaign by presenting customers with attractive products and discounts that will allow them to be faithful to your product and service at this time when all the online stores will begin to offer endless campaigns looking to generate more sales. In China, “Singles Day” is a true festival of consumption and has become the day with the largest volume of online sales in the Asian giant, surpassing Black Friday, of Anglo-Saxon origin, which Celebrates the last Friday of November.

On the last Friday of November, the famous Black Friday takes the opportunity to continue with the chains of promotions that will continue with the Christmas and Kings campaign and will end with the sales.

To make your online store attractive you should always offer your customers new campaigns, that way they will be “hooked” to your online store .

Consider promoting all special dates and special offers in your online store , in your website , in Social Networks and get ready to invest a Little extra money in paid campaigns when you prepare your best offers. And if you prepare a video announcing it in style, you will have the guaranteed success.

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* Examples of campaigns found on the internet

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If you have not yet started this is the time. Remember that the star campaign of every online store is Christmas.

Consumers have purchase preferences and according to Opera this is the behavior of users when shopping online.

1. During the week users buy through their computers and during the weekend the use of mobile devices increases. What is quite logical since in week you use the computers to work and it is more comfortable to buy in the spare time; On the weekend you are out or watching TV and use your mobile or tablet.

2. Sunday is the preferred day for mobile shopping. Your customers relax and rest on their sofa, of course, with their mobile in hand. They are rested, relaxed and happy

3. There are months in particular where online sales rise worldwide, interestingly June is the month with the highest traffic in online stores and the month with more traffic from mobile devices was February.

4. The star campaign in electronic commerce is the Christmas campaign, in which sales rose especially in Germany to 15% and 28% in the United States.

5. You cannot forget Valentine’s Day as a time of increasing online sales.

We recommend you plan in advance and by quarters the commercial actions that you will carry out in your online store . You must plan the offers and promotions and the actions you will take to promote them on social networks, blogs, influencers, paid campaigns, videos, …

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In Infomeik we want to help, because we want your online store to be successful, so we leave a calendar of special dates for electronic commerce. You can add other dates that you see fit to promote your online store, for example, if you have a pet store add days on which we support adoption or World Animal Day; If you have a clothing store or feminine cosmetics add promotions and special actions on the World Day Against Breast Cancer. Be creative, you must constantly seek to attract internet users to your online store.

Remember: Offers, attractive advertising, quality products, added value and empathy will attract more customers to your online store.

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