We can mention the three main advantages of an” excellent positioning ” in search engines.

1 – Your Online Shop, being properly positioned, will experience a considerable increase of visits, immediately becoming an increase in sales or contracts of the product or service that your store offers. An important fact: 90% of Internet users use search engines and more than 80% of new visitors who receive a site can come from search engines such as Google or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and others.

2-Your Online Shop will experience extraordinary advertising expansion at a very low cost, much cheaper than the costs invested in traditional advertising (television, radio, print, etc.). Search engine positioning for your online store project is without a doubt the most profitable form of advertising that exists. Taking into account the marked increase in profits and the recognition that your online store will enjoy by having an excellent search engine position and the low economic investment made, it can be said that the cost-benefit ratio is very tempting and recommended.

3 – Your Online Shop will acquire prestige within the natural area that corresponds to you. A well-positioned online store is not recognized by the internet user as an advertising campaign, on the contrary, the internet user believes that the pages of the companies that appear in the first positions of the search engines are first because they are the best or most visited in their work and commercial field. This produces a very important subconscious fixation, which leads the potential customer to decide for their online store and not for another.