Internet search engines are one of the main sources of visits for a website and being positioned in the first places today means success for any Web project.


The main objective of search engine positioning or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that potential customers can find your company when conducting a search for the name of your products or services by using the most used search engine, as is the case of Google, Yahoo, etc


Positioning on the Internet is one of the best bets your company can make to get visits on its website, increase the brand image and ensure the constant incorporation of new customers.


The search engine positioning service is a work that is done constantly on the clients ‘ websites and seeks to optimize and improve all content to obtain the recognition of search engines in order to get the first positions in the search results.


The results are not obtained immediately, being at the top of the search engines may take several months and once the goals are achieved it will require keeping them in time.



we offer the following services:

    1. search engine compatibility analysis.
    2. search for more competitive keywords or keywords depending on your activity looking for the opportunity your company needs to get good positions in search engines.
    3. analysis of incoming links.
    4. Usability Analysis and user experience.

competition analysis.

  • recommendations for content creation.
  • optimization of Page architecture, URLs, landing pages, content, quality links pointing to your page, user behavior on the web, etc.



At Infomeik we take care of everything, set the objectives, create the positioning strategy, follow up, and analyze the results.
A good positioning strategy will ensure the success of your project on the Internet.


If you wish to receive information about our positioning plans, you can request it through our contact form.


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