Paid advertising per click

The search engine marketing or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) allows you to create pay per click campaigns by paying only the visits generated from ads.


These types of campaigns are structured to be shown to potential customers.


These types of ads allow a wide Segmentation: by keywords, by countries, cities, languages, schedules…


Google Adwords is the Google tool that allows you to generate such campaigns and is an effective marketing tool if you want:

  1. selling over the internet
  2. get more visits on your website
  3. provide low visibility in natural positioning search engines
  4. product promotions or short-term campaigns
  5. Open Market in other countries


we Also want to introduce you to the campaigns of pay-per-click Yahoo and Bing that allow you to increase the reach of your PPC campaigns.


In addition to SEM strategies there are other types of payment campaigns:


Social networks Facebook and Twitter also allow for paid advertising, you can generate display ads that will only be displayed on the social network. This type of campaign is very useful when:

  1. we want to create demand for a product
  2. Show Promotions
  3. give relevance to your brand
  4. generate comments and interact with customers.


Another type of pay-per-click or playback advertising campaign is marketing on YouTube. This platform has been consolidated as the best platform to search and share videos. YouTube allows us to create campaigns by hiring a space on your site or by bidding through your display Network. You can put your campaign:

  1. in the banner block on YouTube home page
  2. on search pages
  3. integrating your advertising into different videos


At Infomeik we advise you on what will be the best option to create your pay-per-click campaign and what is the recommended daily investment.


We will define the objectives, the strategy, we will closely monitor the CFP campaign in order to correct possible deviations and finally we will analyze the results.