1. Advice
Find an experienced company that can advise you and improve all the ideas you have. If you are specialists in Digital Marketing you will be able to create a strategy that will begin to be implemented from design planning and programming.

2. Attractive design
The design must be appropriate to the product and /or service you want to offer. It must be perfectly planned so that at first glance the people who enter your website know what you offer and like At First Sight what they see.
Your product or service must be the star of the web.
A good design must generate trust, seriousness and impeccable printing.

3. Intuitive design
Making navigation easy for all users regardless of their knowledge of the internet is paramount.
Browsing your website will be pleasant and avoid abandonment.

4. Useful content
The content of the web must be thought of by the end user, we are talking about content marketing. What’s my client looking for? What are your interests? How can I attract you to my product or service?

5. Well structured content
The structure must be clear and objective to keep the user interested. The user must find the content that interests him easily.

6. Web speed
If your website takes too long to load, you’ll lose a lot of visitors.

7. Contact details
The contact details of a website must be in a visible place. That builds trust in your customers.

8. Digital Marketing
Once the web is finished the work must follow. Behind a website there is a lot of work to do to get to know new users.

In Infomeik we want to advise you on a strategy of Digital Marketing in the long term perfectly structured.