Today June 30 is World Social Media Day and what better way to celebrate it than talking about one of them, Instagram.

More specifically we will talk about the Instagram feed, do you know what it is?

What is an Instagram feed?

It is the first thing that is seen in your content on your profile when someone visits it. That is why it is interesting to work on it and that it has a good appearance, especially that it is attractive to get followers. It will be one of the things that determine our success in this social network.

You have to convey a positive image, for that person who has bothered to visit your profile and want them to do it again, with attractive and interesting content but from a very visual point of view.

Here are some examples:

There are many types of feeds, below we will explain some of the most prominent.

Types of feeds on Instagram

You have to keep in mind that Instagram is made up of 3 lines, you can play with them and make as many combinations as you think possible to achieve a striking aesthetic presentation.

Feed bylines

  • Columns: in each column, you will upload a certain type of content.
  • Rows: there are only 3 columns, but there are infinite rows and each of them can be totally different from the previous one, but following a common thread in the 3 photographs of each row.
  • Chess (A / B): in this style, you can intersperse the content, it generates a feeling similar to the chessboard.

Feed by colors

Perhaps it is one of the most striking.

  • Feed-in black and white: Black, white and gray photos are used.
  • The feed of a single color: Choose a single color and its different shades, it will provide coherence and uniformity. You can use the main color of your company.
  • Feed multicolor: It does not mean that you use many colors in each one of the publications, but that in each one of them, the color you choose has to be the predominant one. You can use the colors of your logo.

Feed puzzles

A most entertaining feed in which you can play with the combinations of content forms you want.

  • Feed with frames: Accentuate the separations between publication and publication with a much more exaggerated frame, it can be with borders or white or personalized.
  • Feed expanded: Play with an image in a big way. Divide it into several parts and upload it little by little, so that you see the whole image in its entirety in the feed. Widely used in product or service launches to give more visibility.
  • Feed mosaic: Requires great imagination and creativity. Combine the content of the different publications that are uploaded and that these are connected.

Do not forget that you can combine the different types of feeds to get more out of it, for example, you can use a chess-type feed but that in turn has frames and plays with the corporate colors of your company.

At Infomeik we can help you with your social networks, count on us to give your Instagram feed a face wash.