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Google has launched Instant functionality, which is releasing Web page searches in real time as terms are entered into the text box. On September 9, Google announced a major change to its search interface – called Google Instant.

Google Instant promises faster searches, Smarter Predictions, and immediate results. So, if you want to Google something, as you write in the box suggested searches appear, and instantly gives the results.

Google Instant delivers search results only for relevant terms, i.e. it does not automatically give the result of loose letters.

The feature is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian, although its implementation will be ‘climbing’, that is, it will take a few weeks to be available to everyone. And for those who do not want to use this function, it is easily disabled in a link right next to the text box.

This function is a mixture of instant search, the “Google suggestion” or “autocomplete” text prediction tool, which optionally completes the most common words, and the ability to navigate those suggested searches.

The “autocompletion” of the search terms are based solely on the algorithm of Google, ruling that the terms “suggested”, or the order of them has to do with the search history of the user, nor with his private information.