I like them on Facebook. If you stop to think about it, almost every time you connect to this social network you do. Syncapse has conducted a survey to find the reasons that lead us to make that click and surprise that the majority of the users of Facebook when they click “I like” is really because they like the brand, product or service, without the order to get something free or a discount. This can lead to brands changing the distribution of their budget, as the clicks get a direct response, but in the long run they bring little value to the brand.

The survey from Syncapse and Hotspex has attempted to find, through 2080 consumers, the reasons for becoming fans of a page on Facebook.< strong>49% said that “to support a brand I like”, 42% used as one of the reasons to get coupons and discounts, 41% to receive news, 35% to participate in contests and 31% to share experiences.

Is Disney, Coca-Coca and Nike are three of the most valuable brands in terms of your emotional connection with their followers on the social network, according to the survey.

Max Kalehoff, Syncapse product marketing vice president , claims that getting real followers instead of people who have simply wanted to benefit from a promotion makes it possible to improve at Lookalike audiences, a program that allows brands to direct ads on Facebook to users with demographic characteristics similar to those who are already followers.

Promotions and gifts to get followers should be done in moderation according to Kalehoff, and combined with campaigns that show the brand’s personality and better image, even if you have to sacrifice a few “likes”.

Source: http://www.marketingdirecto.com/actualidad/social-media-marketing/%C2%BFque-motivos-nos-llevan-a-hacernos-fans-de-las-marcas-en-facebook/