We want to tell your story

Telling and listening to stories is something we are all used to, there is no better way to learn. the best television advertisements go to stories, then just by seeing a poster in any corner you recognize the story and the product associated with it.
A story consists of three components: characters, environment and events.

Characters: in the history of your company or business the characters are several. The first character is you who put all your dreams and efforts in your company. We also have your employees, people who are with you every day and without whom your business would not succeed. Finally, we find those customers who need your products and / or services and without which your company would not make sense.

Environment: it is the physical and temporary environment where the whole plot develops. You must be able to transport the minds of users or potential customers who come to know you.

Events: it is the action that must be consistent and must involve the “reader” / user in the story.

Each of the people who come into contact with your company should be impregnated with your story and the more times it is counted and will last in the better time. People who come to your company through your website and do not know who you are, what you represent, your ideals, your way of working, your commitment to what you do.

But as important as each of the components of your story is the narrator, the one who makes the interest always remain; That history interests, excites, loyalty. Who tells that story to sell.

In Infomeik we want to tell your story and we want your story to be more than good. We want users to find you and be able to read your story and for this we create a strategy for you from before the first line of your website or online store .
We design according to your needs, create quality content and position your website or online store . Let us advise you.

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