Do you know what they say about your brand or person on the internet?


Companies have lost control of all information about them on the internet. Anyone can write an opinion on your brand, your products, your services, your employees, and Google will Index words that link you to those comments.


It is very important for companies to know what is said about them on the internet, and it is also necessary to monitor and control this information in order to know if it negatively affects the brand.


The brand’s online reputation is a very difficult thing to build, and it doesn’t just depend on your work and effort, it depends on the opinion of your customers and how their actions are received and interpreted by others.


Internet users rely on the opinions and recommendations of other users and buy or hire on the advice of other users.


You need to identify what your audience wants, identify points to improve, and take appropriate action.


Efforts must be made to build a good online identity.


This is why we propose 1) monitoring online reputation 2) Creating a good online reputation 3) managing negative messages so that they are relegated or disappear.