Customer testimonials for your website or online store

Customer testimonials are very important to strengthen confidence in your products or services, the benefits they provide are more than obvious:


  • Increase credibility, which leads to even greater conversion and therefore sales

  • They improve the positioning as they increase the time that each visitor stays on your website … and that makes Google cool!

  • Let you know what your customers like and improve what is not going so well

  • It lets you know which products you should bet on

Written customer opinions, which are the best known, are very good

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But how about presenting customer opinions on videos?

We can make two types of testimonial videos

“Very professional”: using professional cameras, perfectly structured interviews and an edition with subtitles, effects, graphics, etc.

We show up at some event of your company, we tell your career and interview attendees.



“Homemade” videos: Customers think with total freedom, we record with more homemade cameras, in different less professional environments … We make it something natural … as if they recorded it themselves. A good option is to ask them to record their own video and we edit it, creating a script where we can transmit the information properly.


It all depends on the goal you want to achieve. Contact us we will be happy to advise you.