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online shopping in Spain is constantly growing

thus, more and more foreigners are visiting Spanish websites to purchase products and services, as pointed out in a recent study published by the Telecommunications Market Commission. The report states that in the first quarter of 2010 the amount of transactions made from abroad and directed to Spanish online shops was 173 million euros, which represented 14 percent of the total turnover, with almost 2 million operations.

transactions originating from the countries of the European Union accounted for the largest part of the amount of the volume of business (73,4 percent), followed by those from the united States (12.7 per cent) and, finally, placing Latin America in third place.

Tips for your online store project to be a success

however, there are still too many doubts that prevent many from starting to create an online store on the Internet, often only because of lack of knowledge and advice.
to help those who want to take advantage of internet business Infomeik makes a number of recommendations available to their customers at the hand of their own users.

these are tips offered by entrepreneurs who have already launched an online trade and who, faced with the question of “what advice would you offer to a future e-Trader?”they replied as follows:

  • study the market and get an idea, the key steps ahead. We need to study what already exists, its weaknesses and what can be offered to make our idea something different
  • take advantage of the ease of embracing the domestic and even international market. An online store is a showcase for the world
  • creativity, passion and patience
  • concentrate on selling
  • surround yourself with a professional team
  • pre-test, not run directly
  • constant work
  • take advantage of the advice and resources available
  • plan the business stages and work on positioning
  • take advantage of the crisis…es the time to put your imagination into it.

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