We are specialists in virtual shops:
if you are thinking of marketing your products through a virtual shop we advise you to leave your e-commerce project in the hands of professionals. 
selling products over the Internet is complex and for a virtual store to work there is a way to go. At Infomeik we offer you permanent guidance at all stages of your project, as well as all the support for your virtual store to stay navigated and valid over the years.
our main services for virtual stores son:
  • e-commerce Software.
  • design of your online sales brand.
  • design and commissioning of Your Virtual Store.
  • study and classification of product categories.
  • introduction of articles with variants.
  • design and delivery of promotional campaigns.
  • search engine positioning and promotion (SEO).


In Infomeik we have a wide experience in the creation of Virtual Stores and we can guide you step by step to your project of virtual shop sea of tasks of the un success.


tips for improving your virtual store

how to increase your online sales!!!

The words that you put in the title of the online store will be the first impression people will have of your web page. It is important to try to place the shipping rates and offers so that they become well in the virtual store.

Search in the Virtual Store. It is a tool that is sometimes ignored, but it is delayed that manages to increase sales. Check if your online store is customer friendly. If you find a problem or something you don’t like, correct it! They’ll probably need some technical expertise, help. It is important to keep all search queries from your visitors, it will help you get to know Conrad what you are looking for in your store and be able to do so.

“Buy” or “Add to basket”. The text in the “Add to Basket” button is very important. “Add to basket” works better. Several studies of online shops indicate that ” adding to the basket “is much more effective than”buying”.

Testimonies. Add testimonials from other customers near the “Add to basket” and “place order”buttons. Constantly introduce new testimonials (offer incentives for counsellors).

shipping Offers. Offer free shipping if your business model allows it. Free shipping is an irresistible offer. Studies also indicate that offering conditions for free shipping is always more effective than offering free shipping sin more.

Information stock. Anything you can do to create a sense of urgency is important. Show your customers, joined sums are in stock in your virtual store.

the Policy of the company. Create clear pages explaining your company’s policy, conditions and information. The absence of clear information about the company, returns and Privacy Policy creates mistrust.

The lower part of the screen. People don’t do parchment! The buttons should be visible without the need to download the page. Studies indicate that the tenor the ” OK ” button visible without previous scrolling abandoned from the shopping cart.

Descriptions of the products. Traditional sales also work. Retouch product descriptions to describe the benefits instead of leaving descriptions provided by your suppliers. For example: Computer Pentium IV 2.5 GHz. It’s a bad description, since it doesn’t give much product information.



objectives to be taken into account in virtual stores


1. Create a main message to hold it.

When a visitor enters in Virtual Stores only have a few seconds to achieve their attention before they click the ‘back’ button and leave your site. A clear message that encourages visitors to read more will keep them in their Virtual Store for longer.

2. Offer unique quality content.

people search the Internet for information and if you provide good content it will make your visitors spend more time in yourVirtual Store and visit again. By showing unique and quality content you will get search engines to track your website and return more frequently, so this will help you improve your web positioning.

3. Provide an easy decision for action.

what do you want your visitors to do before leaving your Virtual Store? If you are selling products on your shop site, you want them to buy something, or you simply want your visitors to contact you by e-mail or phone, or simply give you your email so you can contact them. The call to action must be clear and concise and easily accessible from any page.

4. Make yourVirtual Store easy to navigate.

your Virtual Store should have a good “flow” and be easy to navigate so that your visitors know exactly where they are on your site and which page is next to visit. A logical menu system at the top of each page or on the margin of each page is what visitors expect to see. It is also useful to have links to other pages at the bottom of each page so that visitors do not have to move back to the top to go to the next page.

5. Use a nice color set in sight.

do not intimidate your visitors with a combination of colors that is hard for the eyes or hard to read. The text and background should always be high contrast (black on white or white on black) to make it easy to read. The size of the text should be a reasonable size and the type, Verdana or Arial, are the most popular as they are easy to read. The color set should be with shades and colors matching your product.



comments of interest for the creation of virtual stores

selling physical products makes no difference to selling digital products or a virtual store where a certain amount of products are offered, are the same principles. What is very clear is that you want to have an online store, try to be as much as possible. I mean, a store that’s not like a mall, where you can buy food, go get a haircut, go buy clothes…

if you are going to make a virtual store, try to make it a single specific category. That does not mean that an Amazon-style online store will not work where you can buy from various categories, but to master an online store of that size, you have to have a lot of money to get it going. Because if you don’t, in some categories you’ll be belittling products, while in the other, one or two. And if he doesn’t specialize, he’s gonna end up trying to sell everybody everything, and he’s not gonna end up selling absolutely nothing.

now, when it comes to an online store, there are some design elements that need to be kept in mind and that have been tested, which generate a lot of confidence and credibility. It has been tested that placing Visa, Mastercard and American Express logos generates trust. If you place a safety certificate, that also generates confidence. Place a phone number 900, if you really answer the phone or have a call center that clears up all doubts to your customers. All these elements help to build the trust and credibility of your potential customers with regard to your online store

The way that it is always recommended to achieve loyalty of customers is by capturing their name and e-mail once they are on your Web Site, to follow them through emails, and a way to get these data is by means of what I call the “blackmail of ethics” or gift.

Now for a business of the type of the “Virtual store” that offers a lot of things, you can generate a multitude of gifts. But if it’s for example a virtual shop for fishermen, you can create a dondetible digital report ” the top ten tips for using your bait in summer time.” Or something like that. 

Obviously has to take into account what your target audience wants. And the Conrad way of knowing what that “ethical blackmail” is, which is that incentive he’s going to offer, is to analyze his market first. When I analyze it, the same market is going to say “This is what I want.”



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