Not any post on these networks can achieve success. Follow these steps to improve your publications.

Many times performing an Instagram or Vine microvideum that attracts attention can be more difficult than performing a regular duration. The capacity for synthesis and creativity must be very good to achieve an interesting content that will please the public. CNN’s video director has given some tips to make the most of this platform.

Be demanding on the topic

On Instagram it is very common to see photographs of spectacular food dishes or of a few feet in the sand. However, these themes do not work very well on video, or at least not the fixed image of them. Brandon Ancil, CNN’s video director, suggests that applicants start with nearby pets or babies. “There’s No way you can damage a minivídeo if you have a theme adorable,” says CNN. Profit from nearby cats, dogs, grandparents, or rabbits. Just don’t stay in one shot. Move the story.


The challenge of a mini-game is precisely that, the mini time. Although Instagram has about 9 seconds more than Vine like need planning to take advantage of that precious time. He makes a schematic of what he wants to record. Remember that both platforms allow recording with multiple shots and making a sequence. It’s enough to have an idea in your head and not record for recording what happens in front of you.

Combine the shots

Yeah, no problem telling stories in six or 15 seconds. The advertising world is an expert on this. They’ve been putting ideas in people’s heads for years in just a few seconds. The trick, according to this director, is to combine two-second shots and combine. Combine planes also. Start recording with a general shot and move to a close-up of your grandmother’s dog at the portal.

Stabilise image

Everyone is aware that these applications are for smartphones whose image is usually not very stabilized and is sensitive to movement. When recording try to support it on a stable surface that supports it. If you have a tripod, much better. If you don’t have any way to hold your mobile, try to hold it firmly and hold your arms to the piece to gain stability.

Try stop-motion

These applications allow for frame-by-frame recording. Try it. To make a stop-motion video you must place your Mobile on a site firmly, making sure it will not move when you click on the screen to record.

The possibilities are endless. For example, you can record the process of making a dish or make a character “come alive”. This technique requires patience, but the result is usually fun. As always, take care of the lighting and framing.