Today Twitter posts tweets on its social network reporting that it will soon offer users the possibility to geolocalize their tweets. Although it was a rumor today, it’s News confirmed by the Blue Bird’s own social network.

We translate the tweet they have accompanied with an explanatory video:

“we are working with Foursquare so that you can label specific places on tweets, the new features will be available soon”

We’ll soon be able to publish with the exact location. Soon it will only be enough to touch a location button to get the nearest places and select the one you consider convenient.

We can also add coordinates from our geo-labels.

This change will allow us to access tweets from geolocation.

And most importantly, we will be able to increase the chances of improving online marketing campaigns in our companies.

Geolocation will provide data that will allow us to better segment our audience, interests, ages, tastes and user valuation, which will make us achieve more effective online marketing campaigns.

Twitter has enabled a support center to report difficulties and include locations:

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