A successful website in 5 steps

1. Create a main message to hold it.
when a visitor arrives at their website they only have a few seconds to get their attention before they click the ‘back’ button and leave their site. A clear message that encourages your visitors to read more will keep them on your website for longer.
2. Offer unique quality content.
people search the Internet for information and if you provide good content it will make your visitors spend more time on your site and visit it again. By showing unique and quality content you will get search engines to track your website and return more frequently, so this will help you improve your web positioning.
3. Provide an easy decision for action.
what do you want your visitors to do before leaving your site? If you are selling products on your site you want them to buy something, or simply want your visitors to contact you by e-mail or phone, or simply give you your email so you can contact them. The call to action must be clear and concise and easily accessible from any page.
4. Make your website Easy to Navigate.
your website should have a good “flow” and be easy to navigate so that your visitors know exactly where they are on your site and which page is next to visit. A logical menu system at the top of each page or on the margin of each page is what visitors expect to see. It is also useful to have links to other pages at the bottom of each page so that visitors do not have to move back to the top to go to the next page.
5. Use a nice color set in sight.
do not intimidate your visitors with a combination of colors that is hard for the eyes or hard to read. The text and background should always be high contrast (black on white or white on black) to make it easy to read. The size of the text should be a reasonable size and the type, Verdana or Arial, are the most popular as they are easy to read. The color set should be with shades and colors matching your product.