Like having a successful online store

it is very important that your online store has a well designed structure, the interface must be “friendly” , customers must find what they are looking for easily and easily.

also the design must be attractive, give a solid and reliable corporate image. The star of the online store must be the product. 
Another important part are the prices of products in your online store, they should be competitive, and customers need to see the final price always; if you hide the prices or put prices that increase in an exorbitant way at the end of the purchase keep in mind that this customer will only buy you once and also make you bad publicity, you will have lost him and his contacts.
Giving your customers discount vouchers is very important, that will attract them.
Another important point is that the customer can have a customer service phone and an address in sight, even if he doesn’t call or visit you, you give him confidence, he knows you exist, that there is a place to go…