A successful Online Shop

Some tips to improve your online store

It must have a simple but very attractive design, of quality without losing clarity and easy access to the products.

It is useless to try to impress visitors with photographs, graphics, gifs and animations. That will get you more sales. Photographs are only necessary to show certain products that cannot be described.

Make sure your site loads fast.
Remember, you have no more than 8 seconds to capture the attention of the new visitor. (This is demonstrated by the different surveys). If your site takes longer than that to load, you’re losing a good percentage of visitors.
Optimize banners with good design and draw attention to the products you want most to promote.

Each page on your site must be linked to the home page (homepage or index).htm).
An online store is easier to navigate if all pages have direct access to the homepage, either by a button or a link. You will keep visitors interested and make them stay longer browsing your site, if it is easy and practical.

You must have your own domain (www.dominio.com)
Free servers are good for some things like presenting a resume or showing tricks from your favorite games. But if you want to earn the trust of your potential clients and be credible, you need your own domain. Believe me, it’s really convenient… well, no one in their right mind would buy in a free place.

Make sure the company where you host your website…
be” active ” 99% of the time…and provide comprehensive technical support in your language.

It offers as many payment options as possible and displays on the cover the logos of all online payment cards, this gives your prospective buyers a lot of confidence.
The more payment options you offer, the fewer customers you lose.
It offers to process purchase orders online, by phone, email, money shipments via mail or by a specialized company such as Western Union, MoneyGram or PayPal.
Keep in mind that there are many people in the world interested in your product or service that do not count or do not want to use credit cards online.

You must accept payments with credit and debit cards…
so as not to lose that large number of impulsive buyers or those who need their purchase to be processed immediately. The cards that cannot be missed are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard and Diners.
Find out which company is the most reliable today… and with which you will have no trouble getting your money:

Offer some free information on your site.
You should provide reports, articles or free material.
Free courses are special to introduce you as an expert in the eyes of visitors.
Such information (or whatever you want to offer free of charge on your site) must be directly related to the main topic and the type of audience concerned. This will also benefit your positioning on Google and other search engines.
E-books are also a very attractive and sought-after gift from many users. It is very important to stress that this free information or services you offer should be valuable to visitors. Otherwise, the effect will be reversed.

Get the visitors ‘ e-mail addresses.
You can get this in different ways. Giving away courses or e-books is the most effective way to do it.
Another excellent service is the publication of an electronic newsletter (ezine) that is delivered 1 or 2 times a week exclusively to those who subscribe to receive it.
To automate subscriptions, mailing lists and individual or sequential sending of messages, I recommend using a sequential Autorresponder.

Build your place with a purpose in mind:
If you want to sell a product through an online store, then do it. And if you want to capture email addresses from visitors to offer them your products later, then focus on it. If you sell your product and also want to offer affiliate system products to which you subscribe, you must understand that those secondary products should not hinder the sale of your own product.
Affiliate Program items (from which you get sales commissions) should preferably be offered by email or as a separate “recommendation” page.

Let the visitors know you’re interested in their opinion
It offers a form (it could be a form in your online store or an e-mail account) to send you their comments. You’ll be amazed to see how many people write and say about your online store. Do not hesitate to make changes in your store if you notice that many people suggest the same thing to you.
Remember that for every person who writes to you, there may be hundreds or thousands who need or think the same and don’t let you know.

Remember that you are building or maintaining an online store for visitors or customers.
You must put aside your fantasies and concentrate on the reality and needs of the people concerned. Keep that in mind all the time and you’ll get a successful place.
Your online store is one of those things that will determine the success of your business. It’s like the window or the set of employees who serve behind the counter of a conventional business. The “environment”, in this case the online store, must be a pleasant site for the potential customer.