Advantages of the Internet


Advocate to communicate and educate the society about the advantages of Internet

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is Born the Network of Observatories of the Society of Knowledge in the participating autonomous communities


– LOGROÑO.- The need to communicate and sensitize society about the advantages of the Internet was one of the aspects discussed at the second meeting of observatories of the Knowledge Society, which brings together all the autonomous communities and the central government in Logroño.

The president of the Special Commission for the study of the Information Society, Juan Soto termino, participated in this meeting, in which the network of observatories of the Knowledge Society was formed, to which all the autonomous and central administrations are called to participate.

Soto, in statements to journalists, insisted that it is important to “communicate to society the advantages of the Internet” to increase the number of people who benefit from them.

“the one who enters the network ends up staying and visiting it, so it is a question of teaching and showing the value that can be perceived by entering the network,” Soto added, For Whom to benefit from the new technologies would allow, for example, “to be a richer country and create more productivity from every post of I work.”


he Recalled that the European Union (EU) wants in on all the member States, in the year 2005, are in red twenty services, of which fourteen involve collaboration between the regional Governments and of the general State administration and in nine they need to work in conjunction with municipalities, the autonomies and the central Executive.

for this reason, he said, “it was essential to take a helm in how to act for the advancement of the Information Society in Spain” and to establish a plan that integrates the efforts of all public administrations.

he also studied a national pact between political parties, employers and trade unions because it is necessary “to reconcile these efforts, regardless of the electoral avat”, which “the importance of the information society far exceeds the partisan arena”.