Facebook , the most important social network , recently announced some of the new features and news that it will have, the most prominent is that the video would become a fundamental part of this social network . “PROFILE VIDEO” each user can put a video of up to 7 seconds as a personal image. What is known for now is that in California and the United Kingdom they will be the first to have this new option.

It seems that the main objective of this novelty is to be able to help people express their personality and, above all, creativity. The reason for this novelty is because more than four billion users visit the profile images on Facebook every day.

The video that is published as “video profile” will not be played continuously, to begin with it will be a simple still image, which will be played only when someone accesses the profile.

Among the other novelties that we will be able to observe is that there will be an improvement of the information control that is taught in the personal profile, in which the user will be able to put a phrase with which it can be described. You can also expand the information that appears in the biography.

Many users like to see photos and that of friends in common and with these new video functions you can experience new ways to express yourself and make yourself known to the whole world.