A good way to get the customers caught is to tell them a story.


There are different ways to tell a story, if you do it in the form of video success will be assured.


The success of your VIDEO Storytelling will depend on these factors:

  1. prepare a video short of no more than 2 minutes
  2. prepares a script with short but intense sequences
  3. combines music and voice
  4. seeks to convey emotions
  5. talking about others makes history more interesante…no seek to be the focus
  6. uses effects
  7. you can combine Legends, titles, graphics, etc.


The video that you show above is a video que we create for a presentation of a group of companies that are devoted to marketing. The six companies had to make a presentation of their services and they were better than creating a script in which they all participated and influenced the life of the protagonist of the video.


We created a story or storytelling where the protagonist had a business idea and needed help from professionals, they were guiding him at every step to make his project successful. The entrepreneurs interacted with the character by advising him, presenting strategies and presenting the next participant as a trusted professional who was indispensable on his path to success.


Ideally, it would have been working with a real person, but it was decided to keep it a secret, involving as few people as possible.


Advertising brochures, professional brochures of participants, gifts for guests, decoration according to the event, cards, etc. were created.


What is the story or storytelling that you want to tell your customers?