In Infomeik we offer a wide range of audiovisual solutions, innovative to promote your company, products or services by Video for business.

This way of advertising is very widespread among businesses, and provides comprehensive benefits for its direct impact and clear at the time of presenting the information.

We Videos for the promotion of your business, stands, fairs, congresses, inaugurations, presentations, launching of new products, etc.

Our main services are:

  • Analysis of project and scripting.
  • Shooting the scenes and photo gallery.
  • Editing the video.
  • Dump to the different media.

Please contact us and we will advise you on the most appropriate strategy for your audiovisual project to be a success.


helpful Tips when creating a video for your company:

your video for company is not very long. One of the most common errors is to make a video for an excessive duration company. For example, for a Business Video, 5 minutes, or even less, is enough.

Invests time in analyzing the needs of your video of the company. Meet with your video producer and analyze what your business goals are and how you want to put them on screen, what you want to tell and how. Prepare a detailed script for your video company.

Trust in the creative discretion of your producer. After all, you’ve hired her for her professionalism and because they’re specialists in her field. Still, don’t write a blank check.

Trust the Translators. A professional interpreter has all the knowledge to translate the script of your business video and will do an excellent job. Your task is to correct the technical terms.

meditate on what you want to record and what not. Sometimes we find that much of what we have recorded for the company video cannot be used due to confidentiality problems, prepare with your producer what to record.

Requires to your producer a disaggregated budget. This way you can see what your money is invested in, what is included and what is not. If the budgets are general and unbundled, you hire blindly.

set with your production Timeline. As A “roadmap”, sets the approximate dates for each stage. This way, you know every moment where you are and how much is missing. Do not shorten the deadlines too much, as the result is worse.

do Not use a technical language in your corporate videos. With exceptions, a video for a company, corporate or product, or an audio-visual presentation must follow a commercial or didactic language, so that it is simple and enjoyable to follow. Your producer will help you with the script.

Post-Production. A great video (business or other) differs from a mediocre video in the headers, intros and 3D effects. a good Post-production enhances the company video, creates an impact on the customer and differentiates you from the competition.