Viruses are malicious programs and have been created by a person to damage, modify, or even copy files from other devices. It is usually an executable that users download and open without knowing it, the virus takes control of our computer and there begins the infection of our device that spreads to our mail, our web and destroys everything it finds on our computer.

We tell you what the main ways of infection are so you can take precautions:

– Social Media.

  • Fraudulent websites.
  • Download websites.

– P2P networks (gift downloads)

Infected USB/CDs/DVDs.

– Legitimate but infected websites.

  • Attachments in unsolicited Emails (Spam)
  • Mail attachments from infected customers.

We will now put a number of points that we must take into account when protecting our device:

1º – keep the operating system and browser updated.

2º-install an antivirus and firewall that are automatically updated as new threats appear every day.

3º-be careful when opening downloaded files from the network or storage devices such as CD’S, memory cards and USB as they may contain infected files.

4th – a little common sense.

What is a hacker?

A hacker is a person who, because of his advanced knowledge in the area of computing, has an extraordinary performance in the subject and is able to carry out many challenging and illicit activities from a computer.

It has the ability to dominate in a good percentage several aspects such as: programming languages, hadware & software manipulation, telecommunications, and so on; all this can be done for profit, to make themselves known, for motivation, pastime or for non-profit activities.

It is usually hackers who create viruses (malware).

In the next article we will talk about the importance of protecting yourself from hackers and the dangers they pose. We hope you liked it, un saludo.