What about the Facebook accounts of people who have died? They become empty accounts, without any movement, or updates. Now in Europe and America you are already in the Facebook account settings choose, the “legacy contact” once you have passed away. This legacy contact can manage the account.

But this is only one option that you can choose in the event of a death. The other configuration is that if you do not want anyone to keep your account, you can choose if you want it to remain active once you die, in that case your profile will become a kind of memorial profile.


In the event that you do not want anyone to manage your account and do not want your profile to become a memorial, you can also choose to set up your account and disappear once you have died.

To configure one of these options we go to the section “Security settings” click on the option “legacy contact”. Now you just have to choose who will be the legacy contact. To activate any of the options that you have chosen, someone will have to notify you that you have died. Not choosing any of the options means that your account is always active.