18 million for pymes and freelancers to improve their Internet presence

More than 1,200 companies are eligible for this subsidy, which is awarded by drawing lots after meeting requirements

For the third consecutive year the corporate public entity Red.es under the Ministry of industry, it launched a call for grants to help SMEs and self-employed people sell and improve their presence on the Internet.

This year the ERDF funds, from which comes the bulk of the funding, they have increased to 18 million euros, and the maximum grant per company is fixed at 15,000 euros (of which are eligible for the 80%).

In total, 1,204 companies from Andalusia, Extremadura, Galicia, Aragon, Valencia and Castilla la Mancha, among other autonomous communities, will benefit from these subsidies, and for this they must apply for them and meet very limited basic requirements: less than 250 employees, up to 50 million euros of turnover, and have their own website. The Selection will be by drawing lots.

The grant allows financing Internet market consulting and analysis projects, as well as e-commerce implementation, online marketing campaigns, mobile applications etc.

The UTE Bazarkt-Open-Ideas, is the Union of four companies specialized in electronic commerce and online marketing, and has been one of the few companies approved for the execution of these projects since the beginning of these projects. Over the next few weeks UTE BAZARKT-Open Ideas will make several presentations to SMEs and freelancers to publicize this initiative.