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With an online store you increase your sales

A physical store has its advantages, but also a great disadvantage, and the availability of a physical store is limited in terms of its schedules. Instead, an online store is always available, 24 hours, without stopping, without rest. If you add an online sales channel to your physical store your customers will never be left wanting to buy that product

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Infomeik present in the 5 continents

With the latest online store project completed, Infomeik is present with its work on all 5 continents. This client joins our clients from Andorra, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, France, Brazil, Fitji Islands,….and of course not to our dear Spanish customers spread throughout the peninsula: Barcelona, Galicia,Valencia, Madrid, Valladolid, Alicante, Murcia, etc. that allow us to develop their business through the creativity

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95% of buyers check the internet

95% of car buyers check the Internet before going to a dealership. Faced with this new reality, and with the massive influx of new technologies, dealers and their sellers are reorienting the way they sell their products. This is how the news that the ABC newspaper presents today begins. Who tells us that the customer is much more demanding, when

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The first impression is what counts

For years it has been investigated how we associate the types of faces with the different personalities and decide with just a glance whether a person is friendly, competitive, reliable, etc. These conclusions just by watching the face of a person affect very important decisions of our life. With a first glance we can decide who we trust our money,

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Men vs. women, who use online shopping more?

Today, with so many responsibilities and so many things to do, it is seen that the woman has found the method of being able to make a profit at the same time, whether mother or not, she tries to combine her personal, professional and family life, thanks to the internet. One of the advantages of this digital age is that

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18 million for pymes and freelancers to improve their Internet presence

More than 1,200 companies are eligible for this subsidy, which is awarded by drawing lots after meeting requirements For the third consecutive year the corporate public entity Red.es under the Ministry of industry, it launched a call for grants to help SMEs and self-employed people sell and improve their presence on the Internet. This year the ERDF funds, from which

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