A few years ago it was unthinkable to put a video on the web, it could slow down the load to the extreme. Also if you wanted to download a video, it could take several days.

Now that no longer happens, technological evolution has made it possible for us to see even high-quality movies in streaming.

Having the video resource on your business website adds a lot of valuable content, we believe that it is essential for online communication, to get the products and services to the customer in a pleasant and visual way.

Gone are those web pages in which there was only a text box and a photograph. Those of us who are dedicated to digital marketing know that there is no better way to sell something than through a video.

We tell you the 5 keys to using video in web design

Video conveys your message effectively

If your product or service can be complicated or difficult to explain, there is no better way to get your message across to people than through a video where you can see the action.

Forget writing several paragraphs explaining the characteristics of the product, most do not even read them because they get scared of how long some are … A video is more digestible, it does not require so much effort to keep the information and it will always be more convincing than a simple image.

We show you an example of a video that we have made in our company Infomeik for one of our clients, Little Thai.

Create a bond between the user and the business

Human beings are very emotional, and audiovisual language manages to reach viewers in the most remote places, thus strengthening that special bond with the brand.

Generate more sales

The use of video makes you generate more sales, many studies speak of the growth of up to 80%, it also depends on the target to which the business is directed.

The video has a magnificent ROI

A few years ago, a corporate video could only be made by companies with higher budgets. Thanks to technology, this is no longer the case and everyone can access it.

There are very good cameras at a really affordable price, as well as the editing tools that are needed.

Clearly the more budget you have to invest, the better result … But even with a good smartphone, it can work!

Videos help to better position your website

The struggle for good SEO is a day-to-day battle. Any element that helps us climb ranks in organic Google search is welcome. And one of the things that Google likes the most are videos.

To end this post, we leave you with another of the work that we have done with the Artidisseny company.

Count on Infomeik to make your company videos.