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5 reasons to use video in web design

A few years ago it was unthinkable to put a video on the web, it could slow down the load to the extreme. Also if you wanted to download a video, it could take several days. Now that no longer happens, technological evolution has made it possible for us to see even high-quality movies in streaming. Having the video resource

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Trend: Videomarketing

Today in Infomeik we are going to talk about video marketing… What is it and what is it for? What does our company obtain by using video marketing techniques? On what video platforms do we usually work these techniques? What are the types of videos that there are? In this article, we will talk about all those questions that are

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Why have a Fan Page on Facebook?

Many companies will give you the high on Facebook with a personal profile instead of using a Fan Page, every day you see most companies do so in spite of that, in the terms of use of Facebook is not permitted businesses to use profiles personal: “profiles represent individuals and must be kept under an individual name, while pages allow

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Social network Map 2015

The celebration of the Ibero-American Congress on social networks is approaching and Iredes presents us with a new version of the map of the social networks 2015 This scale graph shows the most popular social networks most popular agreements number of users, generated traffic, etc. This year the novelty is that mail and storage platforms are added, last year the

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