We like to see that a Facebook page has many fans, that one of Twitter has many fans but also many tweets.
We are used to seeing how companies give things away to those who follow their Fan Page and we are used to giving likes to get promotions.

But as we have so many times commented on the number of fans it is not what makes the difference the most important thing is that your fans get involved and participate in your strategy. A fan who comments, likes and shares will make a difference.

Burger King Norway preferred in 2013 to stay alone with its unconditional fans and thus get more engagement.
He offered his biggest competitor’s burger for free in exchange for never being able to benefit from his promotions through Facebook. You’re leaving but you can’t come back anymore. And that’s how he lost 30,000 staying with the real ones, those 8,000 fans committed to the brand.

What are you willing to do to make your customers interact more with your brand?
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