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7 tips to make the customer fall in love

If you want to conquer your customers, from Infomeik we give you 7 ideas so that they are totally in love with your company and your products or services. Know your client: for this you must investigate what their needs, goals and objectives are and in what period they want to reach them. Put yourself in his place and think

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Objective: Make the Client fall in love

More and more companies are recognizing that the customer has more weight in making strategic decisions. The important thing is to know how to “love the customer” to choose your products and services. The first step is to meet the current customer. Today’s customer is a much more digital customer with specific habits. The digital client is: •    Quick:

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Is it useful to use Foursquare for business?

Foursquare is a social network based on geolocation for web and mobile devices. In addition to being a social network it is a game by which you can get points that become badges.   Users indicate where they are (Check-in) and give their opinions about the site. Your Foursquare account should be linked to your Facebook and Twitter account.  

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Remember the Digital Marketing campaign that revolutionized Facebook?

We like to see that a Facebook page has many fans, that one of Twitter has many fans but also many tweets. We are used to seeing how companies give things away to those who follow their Fan Page and we are used to giving likes to get promotions. But as we have so many times commented on the number

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Social Media: Facebook

Do you know how Facebook works when you upload information to your fans? These data are necessary when you ask a strategy Digital Marketing Social Networks. When you post a Facebook post it shows it to a small number of people who gave “like” to that page. Measuring this way the reaction of this small group of fans. If your

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Social networks most used in Spain

The importance of social networks in the life of the people means that companies also use them to promote their products, brands and provide information to their customers about their offers and new developments. < em>social networks play a very important role in companies, they are powerful marketing tools. large companies have been exploiting this online marketing tool for a long

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Mistakes to avoid on social networks

A very high percentage of the Spanish population admit to being a user of social networks and a large part of companies and businesses have realized that social networks are a great potential to make their products known. Many companies have started to put their profiles on social media, but the most important question is: Are My company’s social media

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Social Media Marketing

It identifies new market opportunities and makes strategic decisions.