How do I know when your website has been hacked?

The hackers ‘ attack on websites is something that is getting louder and louder. Before these unscrupulous people devoted to attacking webpages of large corporations, but now no website is free to use your data to send spam, deleted part of your code, put ads on your website, etc

For this reason it is very important that your websites or blogs are managed by companies that know how to use all the security tools that protect your data and that the servers where your websites are hosted are safe.

These attacks can have even greater consequences if Google calls you “infected”; Google blocks 10,000 pages a day for security risks. If Google blacklists you are off the internet until you correct your website.
Being blacklisted will make you lose sales and lose your online reputation.

How to know when your website has been hacked?

We give you some tips that will help you detect it

1 – if you enter the website and a warning message appears ” attention: this page may damage your computer»
2 – if when you enter your website an unknown file is downloaded it is very likely that something will not go well.
3 – redirections to other urls
4 – advertising that is not yours
5 – code that disappears
6 – comments on your blog that have nothing to do with

When you detect any of these cases, contact your programmer to help you solve this problem as soon as possible.