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(Español) Consejos para mejorar el rendimiento de una web

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Infomeik present in the 5 continents

With the latest online store project completed, Infomeik is present with its work on all 5 continents. This client joins our clients from Andorra, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, France, Brazil, Fitji Islands,….and of course not to our dear Spanish customers spread throughout the peninsula: Barcelona, Galicia,Valencia, Madrid, Valladolid, Alicante, Murcia, etc. that allow us to develop their business through the creativity

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How do I know when your website has been hacked?

The hackers ‘ attack on websites is something that is getting louder and louder. Before these unscrupulous people devoted to attacking webpages of large corporations, but now no website is free to use your data to send spam, deleted part of your code, put ads on your website, etc For this reason it is very important that your websites or

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Defining the objectives of your website is the first step

The Internet is full, very crowded, so it requires for any business a lot of energy to stand out in online marketing. Don’t worry about what your competitors are doing or what someone is trying to do on your website, because your goals may be completely different from yours. They really focus on the business objective of their website they need to achieve.