Before the advice, what is a hashtags? It is simply a keyword phrase, written without spaces and preceded by a pad (#) or a single word instead of several. It is important to know this in order to be able to group all the contents or opinions of different topics, in this way users will be able to find the most relevant tweets related to the topic they want to find.

1. Keywords. It is vital that we find the right words, it must be simple and easy to remember, remember that the hashtag we use will give visibility to our tweet.

2. Your hashtags can be included anywhere in the message.  Most users usually place the hashtag at the end of the message, but you can actually include it wherever you see fit.

3. You can use more than one hashtag, but not more than three. There are users who exceed their usage and place more than three, remember that there are many users who do not like to read messages with many symbols, or simply take the message seriously. But if your message is very important, you can use more than one.

4. Good spelling. If you want your message to be serious take care of this detail, remember that these messages are transmitted on a network where millions of users connect and if you are wrong in a word, millions of people may see your error, and that is very negative for your image.

5. Use lower case and upper case and also abbreviations. If you are going to use more than one word in your hashtags, it is recommended that you use upper and lower case letters to differentiate words, and that your hashtags may be easier to read to the user.

6. Short message. A Twitter user has only 140 characters in each tweet, so it should be simple, easy to remember. Use hashtags very wisely, remember that what you are looking for is that your tweets are popular.