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7 tips to make the customer fall in love

If you want to conquer your customers, from Infomeik we give you 7 ideas so that they are totally in love with your company and your products or services. Know your client: for this you must investigate what their needs, goals and objectives are and in what period they want to reach them. Put yourself in his place and think

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Objective: Make the Client fall in love

More and more companies are recognizing that the customer has more weight in making strategic decisions. The important thing is to know how to “love the customer” to choose your products and services. The first step is to meet the current customer. Today’s customer is a much more digital customer with specific habits. The digital client is: •    Quick:

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SEO is not dead

The social networks have become a vital part of the companies to get known and to reach users more effectively, although many companies make the mistake of thinking that it is the end of the SEO. It’s true that social networks are important, but does that mean that it’s the end of the old positioning tools? Are social networks the

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Tips for using hashtags on Twitter

Before the advice, what is a hashtags? It is simply a keyword phrase, written without spaces and preceded by a pad (#) or a single word instead of several. It is important to know this in order to be able to group all the contents or opinions of different topics, in this way users will be able to find the

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Online Marketing strategies that make your company succeed.

One of the key objectives for achieving success and positioning a company on the internet is to be at the top of Google. To achieve this thanks to online marketing studies, there are tools that are becoming very important because they have a territory with a lot of potential. It is important to know that it is essential to meet

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