If you have an online store it is very important to plan the entire sales strategy. The return policy is usually among the least planned points that all online store owners have a lot of doubts about.

While the store is small, there are not many returns, but as sales go up if you don’t have strong business conditions, there may be many claims that will take up a lot of your time and won’t allow you to move forward.Normally, if you have an online store, you think that if you put in a very hard refund policy, you won’t sell, and if you have a very soft refund policy, you can lose money.

The return policy of an online store is one of the most conflictive and demanding aspects in the digital market, especially if you have not been able to correctly establish the terms and conditions in which such returns can occur.

A good return policy must protect consumer rights and your own interests.

How to create a return policy that will love your customers

We want to give you guidelines to create a good return policy for your online store, a return policy that makes your customers decide to shop in your online store because they feel safe and a return policy that allows your online store to last over time.

When buying if you offer guarantees and flexibility sales in your online store will increase. That’s why it’s important that you find the balance between what benefits your customers and your interests. If you think this might be difficult, follow our advice.

Customers who abuse return conditions are very few and if your return policy is clear everything will go smoothly.

Frequently asked questions about return policy

– Who’s responsible for transportation costs for a refund?

– Shall I return the shipping costs as well?

– What if we have different opinions with the client? He tells me that the product is not what was sold in the store but it is exactly what was described.

– If the product is used should I accept the return?

– What types of products can be returned and which cannot be returned?

– The guarantee and refund policy are different

It is important to define each of the situations that may arise, otherwise the rights of users prevail.

Online store vs. return policy legality

Difference warranty product refund policy, is important.

Guarantee: all new products provide a two-year guarantee and the conditions are fixed by the manufacturer.
According to the regulations of the EU, the seller must repair, replace, make a discount or refund of the amount paid, if the product is defective or is not or does not work as advertised.

In addition, you must allow the customer to exercise his right to commercial withdrawal.
The customer has 14 calendar days to return the product free of charge and without any explanation and you must return the shipping costs to him, but you are not obliged to pay the shipping costs of the return if this is reflected in your return policy.

Article. 105 states that where the trader has not adequately informed the consumer of the conditions, time and procedure for withdrawal and has not provided the withdrawal document to the consumer, the withdrawal period shall extend 12 months after the expiry date of the initial withdrawal period.

We have consulted clients who know a lot about the legal issue and have also studied the return policies of many online shops to give you the best ideas.

5 important points to create a good return policy:

1-Conditions, time limits and procedure must be established in a clear and precise manner.
Must be published in your online store. These conditions depend on the type of product you sell. When you accept refunds, when you apply the product warranty.
Some of the conditions may be that the product is not used, not stained, not damaged. Another option is that when the products are returned they must have all the labels, the boxes must be in perfect condition and contain all the contents of the original packaging.
Prepare a return form that the customer must fill out.
Put all the store data: phone, mail, address.
If you offer services it is important to write the reasons for termination of contract.

2-set time limit for the return process

3-clearly details which products can be returned. By law you have to put 14 days, but some companies for sales policy or for offering better services extend the passage to 30 days. For example: underwear has no return.

4-clarifies who pays the shipping costs of the products to be returned.

5-clarify what you will return: money, purchase voucher, exchange for another product, etc.

Remember that if you do not register any of the return conditions the customer has the handle. Draw up all possible options that can be generated.

To finish, we leave you some examples of big platform returns policies.
We hope that this post has been useful in Infomeik we want to help our customers to have an online store that takes care of every detail so that they can sell more.