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Create a good return policy in your online store

If you have an online store it is very important to plan the entire sales strategy. The return policy is usually among the least planned points that all online store owners have a lot of doubts about. While the store is small, there are not many returns, but as sales go up if you don’t have strong business conditions, there

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It’s time, put an online store in your life

According to a study conducted by the CNMC in the first quarter of 2014 alone, the e-commerce in Spain grew by 26.8% compared to the same period last year. For the fourth consecutive quarter sales atonline shops grew in our country. If you are thinking of selling online you have to know that the market is very receptive, but the

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Tricks to get more sales in your online store

If you want to optimize visits to your online store and turn them into sales, you must influence the decision-making of users.  Implement these simple steps that will determine how to convert your online store into sales. 1 – express Purchase: allow your customers to buy with the minimum steps, avoid asking for unnecessary data and allow you to complete

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95% of buyers check the internet

95% of car buyers check the Internet before going to a dealership. Faced with this new reality, and with the massive influx of new technologies, dealers and their sellers are reorienting the way they sell their products. This is how the news that the ABC newspaper presents today begins. Who tells us that the customer is much more demanding, when

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How to increase online store sales

Within the internet universe there is also room for Commerce. As in physical stores, online stores require a lot of time and dedication, and you need to pay attention to a number of factors to get a loyal audience and increase sales.: First of all, the design of online shops is a determining factor, since Web Accessibility and usability are

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What to do when competition and demand are growing?

In previous years, many stores were ahead of the online presence, specializing in consumer trends. The success for a company to be able to achieve its goals despite being in a territory with a lot of competition is that in addition to selling online products, it is necessary to diversify the business by offering discounts and facilities to its users.

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Online Prestashop Shop

At Infomeik we want all companies to have their online shop, so we have specialized in Prestashop, the best e-commerce platform.


The limits of the Google translator in Spanish

Its ability to improve is decreasing and it seeks a revolutionary system to avoid its sound errors The Google translator (Google Translate) is a tool too comfortable as to not use it; although it does not have to be a philologist to detect blunders, inconsistencies, and absurdities, not to speak of the fine thread that gives meaning, tone and emotion

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Keys to get a good web positioning

SEO is a changing science and forces us to always keep up to date, do constant work on our website and make the work as efficient as possible. Nowadays search engines are still the main source of traffic on websites, so all websites should be optimized to achieve greater visibility in search results. It is therefore important to establish a

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Tips for increasing sales of your online shop on sale

Companies are increasingly aware that “ecommerce” is the key to increased sales. New technologies have evolved so that companies are practically obliged to adapt their businesses. For many users they run out of long queues and some endless ones and the time that is expected when there are discounts. Now, thanks to the rebates that exist on the net, the

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