According to Gartner’s forecasts, the video will soon be the new selfie. Makes it much little time the autofotos or selfies began to cause a lot of sensation in all parts of the world, which for companies that do not step disappeared, more than anything, to have a deal closer with all the consumers.

But like everything else in life, Trends End, and what is expected to be the new boom or the new trend is the video selfie. A big step from static image to live videos.

The video selfie will be more than anything a means of consumer expression, which will bring many opportunities. Many companies have already seen the potential ofVideo and are incorporating it together with other technologies in order to have more personalized communication and better customer service.

All households already have a Smart TV and this technology will help the proliferation of videos , as these TVs are connected to the internet and suddenly their use will be a regular way to connect to the internet from home. The use of such televisions offers the UN a wide range of services and content that will enable users themselves to generate and share content, and therefore companies will be able to generate video content and interact with consumers. Keep in mind, these types of strategies will be very important when planning the term em>strong term>online marketing strategies.