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(Español) Video Marketing la estrategia del presente y del futuro

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With video online marketing is easier

Many are the companies that have seen the benefits of having a video, but there are some that still resist the impact power that resource has. Thanks to a video you can reach a large number of users, the still image was full of information, now the trend is the video, but not a long video or a thick video

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Video Marketing-Christmas Greetings Infomeik

2016 is coming to an end and in Infomeik we want to thank all those people who trusted our Digital Marketing Company during this year 2016. First of all, we would like to thank our collaborators because every day they strive with us, giving us their experience and their desire to give everything. To our suppliers who make it easier

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7 tips to make the customer fall in love

If you want to conquer your customers, from Infomeik we give you 7 ideas so that they are totally in love with your company and your products or services. Know your client: for this you must investigate what their needs, goals and objectives are and in what period they want to reach them. Put yourself in his place and think

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Objective: Make the Client fall in love

More and more companies are recognizing that the customer has more weight in making strategic decisions. The important thing is to know how to “love the customer” to choose your products and services. The first step is to meet the current customer. Today’s customer is a much more digital customer with specific habits. The digital client is: •    Quick:

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Marketing Online in 2015

The online Marketing has come a long way, I still remember, as if it were yesterday the appearance of the first banner; when we saw images as a method of advertising the whole world was amazed and all companies wanted to use that kind of advertising. What a difference, now we see a banner and we don’t even think about

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Reasons to make video marketing in your company

Since social networks have already noticed the powerful influence of the video, gradually left behind the images, now what more look for and share the clients are the videos, therefore companies that do not use this powerful tool of dissemination are losing not only visits, but also the opportunity to achieve success. We provide you with 5 reasons for your

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The video on Facebook

One of the latest trends that are there in Facebook, is that the video that is self-reproducing, very few make use of the image fixed and static, now the moving image is the new goal of many companies working in marketing. According to the figures Facebook offers, more than 75% of users post Video instead of images, making this viral

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Soon the video will be the new selfie

According to Gartner’s forecasts, the video will soon be the new selfie. Makes it much little time the autofotos or selfies began to cause a lot of sensation in all parts of the world, which for companies that do not step disappeared, more than anything, to have a deal closer with all the consumers. But like everything else in life,

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Marketing Video

Video has become an essential tool in making marketing.   If you want to publicize your brand, product and/or service and your company, it is very important to use strategies and tools that work, and the video marketing works.   Content in video is becoming a valuable resource of online marketing and having a video to make online marketing is

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