The social networks have become a vital part of the companies to get known and to reach users more effectively, although many companies make the mistake of thinking that it is the end of the SEO.

It’s true that social networks are important, but does that mean that it’s the end of the old positioning tools? Are social networks the only tools to make a brand known and gain visibility?  No, the online Marketing tools are many and the combination of them all will lead to success.

Without a doubt the SEO is a great tool to make the brand, products and services known in the most important search engines known, all people search the internet and it is very important that they find you. Although social networks have made a breakthrough and have contributed a lot to small and large businesses, the SEO has not died; although the way companies are positioned has changed and a perfect strategy is needed. First to position a key word had to be repeated and the more you repeated the better because you would reach the first search result posts; now with the changes made by Google, what you are looking for is quality in the content. It is no longer just about focusing on key words but on quality content, thinking above all about users and the things they care about.

Is The social network have not finish with the SEO to the contrary they have become a help to better reach users, with quality content. social networks greatly help SEO because search engines are aware if a company succeeds in its social networks.