As time goes by, video traffic grows more and more. Videos are becoming more viral than a static image. It is believed that 80% of internet traffic for the year 2019 will be generated by the videos, which indicates that if we want to make a company known, we must stick to the new trend, and miss a strategy in this medium can be harmful when creating a reputation.


If success is what you want, it is not only a matter of creating a video, but also of adapting it to the audiences of each country or the circle of users you want to reach.


For this we must create a strategy of videomarketing, to be able to reach all possible users, because we know that video has become more personal, video consumption is very common that are constantly seen on smartphones, it is evident that a User watches more videos on a smartphone than a normal television.


If you create content based on what users want to see, you are ensuring a follower fuel.


We also know that YouTube is the platform for excelentcia to broadcast videos, but we also have Vimeo and Facebook that is growing more and more in the dissemination of viral videos.


If we want to generate more visits to our page, generate more confidence in our products, we must invest in a good video marketing strategy, this will help us improve our presence of each search engine.