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You still don’t know what Transmedia is?

It is the new way of telling stories that is being used on the internet. It is the new way to catch the user to listen to you in this changing and hyperconnected world. You tell your story considering that you face a user who knows everything, who likes to interact, create content, give your opinion and knowing that you

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Video traffic is getting stronger every day

As time goes by, video traffic grows more and more. Videos are becoming more viral than a static image. It is believed that 80% of internet traffic for the year 2019 will be generated by the videos, which indicates that if we want to make a company known, we must stick to the new trend, and miss a strategy in

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YouTube Connect, Live Videos

With YouTube, the social network par excellence for videos, we can also stream live videos. The retransmission of videos is not just a matter of Twitter and Facebook also has YouTube, apparently no social network wants to be left behind, having users happy is very important because they are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and originality. Google also joins

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Car-Metal business Video

Little by little companies are more aware of the potential of business videos, videos that give users confidence and reliability. Today we can also say that the videos are the most demanded on the internet, because they reveal a lot of data in an attractive way. Videos have become a key tool of marketing , because they help establish a closer

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If you don’t use video in your online campaigns, you make a serious marketing mistake.

Over time it has been shown that video marketing is a useful resource not only to attract but also to retain the users who follow you. In many countries the video marketing is known as the king of marketing, because it provides information and is presented in an original, fun and clear way. Many companies have been able to see

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