One of the latest trends that are there in Facebook, is that the video that is self-reproducing, very few make use of the image fixed and static, now the moving image is the new goal of many companies working in marketing.

According to the figures Facebook offers, more than 75% of users post Video instead of images, making this viral movement not unnoticed by companies.

If you are going to use a Video on your social network take these tips into account.

– The image is more important than the sound, because when opening the social network of Facebook the videos are played automatically but without the sound unless you activate it yourself. So the video must be carefully made to tell a story even though the user has not activated the sound, because the sound becomes a simple plugin that will reinforce the video story in case of activation.

– The first few seconds are vital for people to stop and see what you teach. Many users spend their social networks so quickly paying attention to what catches attention in just a couple of seconds. This means that in the first few seconds you must present something so innovative, shocking that they make users stop to see what you offer.

It is time for you to take the initiative and do not stay behind and if you need help do not hesitate to contact us, because in Infomeik we offer you the video service that will help your business achieve the success you need.