A very high percentage of the Spanish population admit to being a user of social networks and a large part of companies and businesses have realized that social networks are a great potential to make their products known. Many companies have started to put their profiles on social media, but the most important question is: Are My company’s social media Marketing campaigns correct? Will the time I spend on social media help me get the results I’m looking for?

It is not enough to create a profile and let everything magically flow and let everyone desperately buy the products you offer. In order to achieve an objective, a strategy must first be drawn up, objectives with a timetable for action.

You must be careful to be on the wrong social networks, the first thing to do is to know the type of users you want to reach and interact with them on the social networks where they are.

Once you have your presence on social media, don’t forget to continuously maintain all your profiles. Many make the mistake of abandoning their profiles for lack of planning and strategy.

Attentive to repeated content because users like to see heterogeneous, varied and dynamic content. It is important that in the strategy that is marked it can be matched with other own contents that come from another space that you own.

And finally, avoid as a static activity because your profile is not only so that they know your business and you are hanging only content of products, your social networks are also to interact with them, answer questions that your users have and encourage more than anything the dialogue. Users like to have fun on social networks.

If you take care of these details, you would be guaranteed success for your business.