We always advise our customers on how to protect their data as best as possible..although today, if you’re on social media, you know that everything you write, comment or share is analyzed.

Facebook analyzes your data, there are numerous companies that are dedicated to making statistics of the tastes, hobbies and interests of users.

Since yesterday the hot topic is the latest update of WhatsApp, the famous double check.

Psychologists explain that if your contacts include someone with obsessive traits, this can increase them…” don’t answer me, “” he’s mad at me, “”get over me, ” …these can be some attitudes.

The truth is that there are many channels of communication, so it is important to know who our contacts are and to set the rules of the game.

Will I answer the work messages or channel you by other means? What applications use it for leisure and which apea work? How many social groups am I interested in?

Ask yourself all the necessary questions and adapt to the new rules of the social media game.