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Is my data protected on social media?

We always advise our customers on how to protect their data as best as possible..although today, if you’re on social media, you know that everything you write, comment or share is analyzed. Facebook analyzes your data, there are numerous companies that are dedicated to making statistics of the tastes, hobbies and interests of users. Since yesterday the hot topic is

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Social Media: Facebook

Do you know how Facebook works when you upload information to your fans? These data are necessary when you ask a strategy Digital Marketing Social Networks. When you post a Facebook post it shows it to a small number of people who gave “like” to that page. Measuring this way the reaction of this small group of fans. If your

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If you don’t use video in your online campaigns, you make a serious marketing mistake.

Over time it has been shown that video marketing is a useful resource not only to attract but also to retain the users who follow you. In many countries the video marketing is known as the king of marketing, because it provides information and is presented in an original, fun and clear way. Many companies have been able to see

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