Men vs. women, who use online shopping more?

Today, with so many responsibilities and so many things to do, it is seen that the woman has found the method of being able to make a profit at the same time, whether mother or not, she tries to combine her personal, professional and family life, thanks to the internet. One of the advantages of this digital age is that you can have everything within a click, due to its speed, efficiency and ease.

According to the studies of “Showroomprive Smart Shopping Satisfaction 2014” have found that 39% of the population femina Spanish, when you feel busy or overwhelmed they turn to the electronic commerce, all this in order to save time. On the other hand, 63% of mothers make their online purchases.

These new purchasing techniques save a lot of time and time at this time is scarce. Whether it is responsibility to children, work or simply studies.

Another very important fact of this study is that more than 90% of women have a sense of pleasure when they make a good purchase. We can also say that women have become more meticulous and demanding when buying, everything will depend on whether the online shop, meets the expectations of these demanding buyers they seek: good look of the online shop, simplicity, ease, speed and reliability. Women, unlike men, prefer also the descriptions of the products, this all well organized by categories, shipping options, good placement of the products in the online shop.

It is true that women are more demanding, both with the appearance of the online shop, with the descriptions, images and, above all, with the prices, but if a online shop is able to satisfy all of those needs, they will be users most faithful, that men who are less retail to buy a online shop.