A detailed study on social networks and the impact this has had on today’s society has been presented at the Town Hall of Burgos.

According to the image they taught, Chiqui Esteban and with the help of Francisco Quirós in documentation.

The biggest presence and impact among social networks is Facebook with 1,060 million, followed by Youtube with 800 million, Twitter with 500 million and Google + 343 million), to which the one hundred million Chinese networks QQ and Sina Weibo add up. Then we have Skype, with 280 million users, is the most important chat network, we also have Linkedin with 200 million that has also proven to be the first in Business Network

Looking at all these data that have been shown and that have been exposed at the Ibero-American Congress on social networks, we must be aware when presenting our company on social networks. Francisco Sierra director of ATRESMEDIA DIGITAL, said: “The use of social networks is important in order to achieve a greater knowledge of the fans,” apart from the importance it gives to social networks, also commented on the evolution that is having the television because while one sees a program will be commenting about it on social networks, so I advise 3 things to be able to cover a good working plan:

listen, learn and respond.

It is more than clear that today, success is found if you have a good presence on social networks, it is important to take into account the data that these experts have given us in order to reach more users, taking into account their needs.