For years it has been investigated how we associate the types of faces with the different personalities and decide with just a glance whether a person is friendly, competitive, reliable, etc.

These conclusions just by watching the face of a person affect very important decisions of our life. With a first glance we can decide who we trust our money, who we vote for, who we offer our friendship to, or who transmits distrust to us.

When we know that person and his context we can entrench our perception or change it…but the first impression counts…and a lot.
The face of your company, that first impression people have … is your website.
What image do your web users have? You build trust?
People who see your website need to contact you because the design is good, your logo perfectly represents the image of your company and the content is perfectly structured.

Because the first impression does count…and much in Infomeik not only design and program…we advise you so that your project generates the trust that your effort and work deserves.