The celebration of the Ibero-American Congress on social networks is approaching and Iredes presents us with a new version of the map of the social networks 2015

This scale graph shows the most popular social networks most popular agreements number of users, generated traffic, etc.
This year the novelty is that mail and storage platforms are added, last year the novelty was Whatsapp.
This year the graphic Name Is map of social networks and other cloud services.
If you want to understand the map we leave the description by Rafael Höhr: “it is a map of areas proportional to the number of users of each make. They are presented in thematic categories. The themes have been pointed out with chromatic range trying not to correspond to the corporate colors of the highest values of each. The intensity of the color has been chosen for consumption on outdoor screens. The separation between squares creates a grid as a street, referring to the concept’ map ‘ of networks, whose plot / Central Square is the iRedes headboard, expanding the blocks as a city.”