It can be said that more than half of internet users make use of search engines before making a purchase. This means that search engines are an essential part of getting customers.  According to other sources, more than 80% of internet users use search engines to make their purchases online.

When consumers come to the page after having consulted on a search engine, it will depend on the company’s previous work so that the user has a satisfactory experience, that they have easier access, fast and secure purchases; ultimately a personalized shopping experience that others do not offer.

Therefore it is necessary to focus on the content of the products, on the process of searching for information so that all this generates confidence and guides the customer to make the purchase. But it can also be said that the user may not buy at the first visit to the page, but there are tools that help retain customer service. A basic marketing tool is the blog of the company, which provides more information about the products and services offered by the company, there are also social networks, which together will make a direct contact with the user.

It should be noted that users or consumers appreciate and value more the information offered through the blog or the web, this implies that companies need to pay more attention to these details, in order to develop a good digital marketing strategy, starting with a good search engine positioning until providing more comprehensive quality information from each product or service without forgetting that there must be a constant presence on social networks, to generate trust and direct them towards a safe purchase.